Garden Dream Poem #1

gae polisner
May 24, 2022


You wave to me from the center of a

large rose garden,

labyrinth paths all

lead to you.

I make my way tentatively

over cobblestone,

the scent of honeysuckle thick in my nose.

You call out directions,

pass me a blindfold

through thorns.

“It’s better,” you say,

“if you don’t try to see.”

I follow the sugared scent,




There was a time

before politics, pandemic, and

school shootings,

that this was all


we slept with the the garden gate


and the sweet hopeful


led the way.



gae polisner

Just another writer trying to stay afloat in a sea of words. Author of several novels. Wannabe mermaid. Mother. Trying to age gracefully with no grace in sight.