Folk tale

gae polisner
Jul 30, 2022


A poem.

Photo: author’s own

My twitter feed is filled with
calamity again:

Climate change.

Last week,
it was reported,
the skies over South Dakota
turned green.

Once, when we were visiting there
three decades ago,
we found bullet casings in the
parking lot of our
Days Inn.

In Montana, we relaxed more.
I know now why they call it
Big Sky.

The bluest blue that
goes on

These days, I can’t remember before,
when I looked at the sky
without the quick, jolting
thought that

Maybe Henny Penny was right,
maybe it wasn’t an
after all.

-gae 7/30


Gae is the author of several novels for readers of all ages, though shelved as middle grade, tween, and young adult. You can read more about her and her books at



gae polisner

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